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Our Hotel

Welcome to Coral River Resort, the best hotel in Pathankot, Punjab, situated along the picturesque banks of the river on the Pathankot-Jammu Highway (N.H-44) in Madhopur. Our resort offers a tranquil escape with breathtaking views, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and accessibility.

Boasting a strategic location, Coral River Resort features a range of amenities, including a versatile conference hall, an exquisite restaurant, a well-stocked bar, and thoughtfully designed rooms. Our commitment is to ensure the utmost comfort for our guests, with every effort made to deliver the best in services. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, Coral River Resort promises an unparalleled experience, with warm hospitality, unmatched service, and a dedication to making your stay truly memorable. Come discover the epitome of luxury, nature, and convenience at Coral River Resort—where every detail is designed to exceed expectations.

Coral River Resort FAQ’s


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Is breakfast included as standard with all rooms?

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Do you provide a child care service?

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Our Hotel

Welcome to Coral River Resort, the premier destination for luxury accommodation and unparalleled experiences in Pathankot, Punjab.

Our Location: Nestled on the banks of the river and strategically positioned on the Pathankot-Jammu Highway (N.H-44) in Madhopur, our resort boasts an idyllic setting that seamlessly blends tranquility with accessibility. The resort’s address is:
Coral River Resort
Pathankot-Jammu Highway, N.H-44,
Madhopur, Punjab, India 145024

Exceptional Views: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. Coral River Resort offers an unparalleled panorama of the river, providing an oasis of serenity and natural splendor.


  • Conference Hall: Ideal for corporate events, conferences, and special gatherings.
  • Restaurant: Indulge in a culinary journey with our exquisite dining options.
  • Bar: Unwind and savor refreshing beverages at our well-stocked bar.
  • Rooms: Experience luxury and comfort in our thoughtfully designed accommodations.

Our Commitment: At Coral River Resort, we are dedicated to ensuring our guests’ comfort and satisfaction. Every detail, from the warm hospitality to the top-notch amenities, is meticulously curated to exceed your expectations.

Our Services

Welcome to The Docks, Tim’s Tavern, and Café Coral – Where Culinary Delights Meet Scenic Splendor

The Docks: A Riverside Dining Experience

Indulge in the epitome of dining excellence at The Docks, our premier restaurant that has become a cherished gem among hotel guests, locals, and passing travelers alike. Nestled alongside the tranquil river, The Docks offers a dining experience like no other, boasting a picturesque view of the idyllic surroundings. The outdoor seating area is the heart of Coral River Resort, providing an enchanting ambiance where the soothing sounds of the river complement your culinary journey.

For those seeking a cozier atmosphere, we also invite you to dine in our enclosed area, ensuring a delightful experience regardless of the weather. The Docks is where gastronomy meets the gentle flow of the river, creating an unforgettable fusion of flavors and scenery.

Tim’s Tavern: A Colonial Haven for Spirits and Smiles

Step into Tim’s Tavern, a charming bar that pays homage to the colonial history of the River that gracefully flows beside us. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality as you savor cool cocktails and your favorite spirits, all served with a genuine smile. Tim’s Tavern is thoughtfully designed for those seeking a convivial evening, where the legacy of the River meets modern-day enjoyment.

Café Coral: Relaxed Outdoor Dining with Global Flavors

Embrace the laid-back charm of Café Coral, our outdoor restaurant that beckons with quick and tasty bites from both international and Indian cuisines. The real star, however, is our bakery, where the aroma of freshly baked bread, cookies, and cakes captivates the senses. A hotspot for our younger guests, Café Coral is the perfect blend of casual dining and culinary excellence, set against the backdrop of the resort’s natural beauty.

At Coral River Resort, we believe that dining is not just a meal; it’s an experience. Join us at The Docks, Tim’s Tavern, and Café Coral, where every bite is savored amidst the enchanting embrace of nature.

Meeting Rooms

Meet at Sabha: Your Ideal Event Space

Elevate your corporate events and celebrations at Sabha, our versatile meeting room at Coral River Resort.

For Corporate Events:

  • Spacious & Well-Equipped: Sabha offers a well-lit, comfortable space with all the amenities for conferences, training sessions, or corporate get-togethers.
  • Flexible Seating: Choose your preferred setup—board room, cluster, theatre, or classroom.

For Social Events:

  • Party Perfection: Sabha transforms into a stylish venue for birthdays, anniversaries, and social occasions.
  • Customized Decor & Menus: Enjoy personalized decor, flexible menus, and the option of a rooftop dining area.

Professional Hosting:

  • Expert Catering: Our experienced team ensures seamless events with delicious catering services.

Book Sabha for your next event at Coral River Resort. Contact us to make your gatherings memorable.

Hotel Facilities

River view

Embrace tranquility with scenic river views from our resort.

Mini Garden

Explore our charming mini garden, a green oasis for relaxation.

BBQ facilities

Enjoy delightful barbecue experiences at our well-equipped facilities.

Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout your stay.

A/C Rooms

Indulge in comfort with air-conditioned rooms for a refreshing stay.


Unwind on your private balcony, offering a perfect blend of comfort and nature.

Luxurious Stay

Elevate your experience with our luxurious accommodations and impeccable service.

Key Card Access

Experience seamless entry and security with convenient key card access.


Delight your palate with exquisite dining options at our on-site restaurant.

Top Bar

Unwind with a variety of beverages and cocktails in the inviting ambiance of our bar.

Free Parking

Enjoy hassle-free travel with complimentary and secure on-site parking.

Outdoor Pump

Travel with ease knowing our resort provides on-site access to an outdoor petrol pump