Tim’s Tavern – The Bar

With its relaxing ambience, wide selection of drinks and heady cocktails, our rooftop bar is an ideal spot to live it up, or simply relax and unwind. It is one of the most sought after pubs in the city for people to catch up with friends and create good memories.
The fully refurbished classic dark green and wooden ambience has a Colonial touch. Tim’s Tavern is named after Tim Dias, who came to Madhopur in search of his ancestral roots. A Spanish gentleman and a translator by profession, he was the grandson of Joseph Henry who worked for many years on the construction of Ranjit Sagar Dam.
The bar is well-stocked. However, if you don’t find your favourite cocktail on the menu, do check with your server, and we will try to fix it for you.


A casual, breezy restaurant and café serving freshly baked cakes and cookies, tasty bites and refreshing beverages.
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