In Pathankot

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Shri Brij Raj Swami Mandir

Shri Brij Raj Swami Mandir  Located at the Nupur Fort, this temple is devoted to Lord Krishna and it has a stunning black stone idol of the deity. It was fetched from Rajasthan during the reign of Raja Jagat Singh. The walls are adorned with ancient paintings from Indian mythology.

Kathgarh Shiva Temple


Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Its main attraction is the 6 ft high Sivalinga. Located at the conflux point of the River Beas and Chonch it is characterized by mystical origins with Roman architectural style present in its intricate design.

Little Goa


Affectionately called “Mini Goa” as the coastline resembles that of Goa, it comprises a huge lake formed by the waters of Ranjit Sagar Dam that runs adjacent to the hotel. Accessible via the 592 m long Atal Setu Bridge across the river, the site is surrounded by lush greenery, fresh sparkling water and date palm trees.  Plan a picnic and enjoy a boat ride on the magnificent waters as you take in the stunning views.

Kathlor Wildlife Sanctuary


A safe haven for a number of species, this wildlife sanctuary Is home to deer, porcupine, pangolin, chital, sambhar, hog deer, barking deer, black partridge, grey partridge, python, spotted owlet, parakeet (rose ringed), White humped vulture and more. You can see the wildlife in its natural habitat with minimal interference. To protect the natural space the sanctuary is divided into 3 zones- eco-sensitive, buffer and the core zone. Visitors are allowed in the eco-sensitive zone. The main refuge of wildlife is the core zone which is a protected zone. Enjoy a tour on an 11-seater improvised golf cart or take a trek on foot or bicycle via the 5-km long nature trail.