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Our stunning riverfront location is sure to make your visit a memorable experience.

Stay at our elegant guest rooms and enjoy dining at the breezy riverfront restaurant with superb views. Or choose to relax at our rooftop bar and lounge.

For the business minded, we offer modern meeting facilities.

If you are passing through the area, stay overnight and enjoy our warm hospitality and personalized service.

And, of course, the assurance of quality and choice of amenities that comes with being a Comfort Inn hotel.

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Our History

The hotel is located in Pathankot, a bustling town that was once an ancient village steeped in history and legend.

A few kilometers away is a village called Doongh, where, according to the great Indian epic Mahabharata, the Pandavas spent time on the bank of the river and built small caves in the mountains for shelter.

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Shapur, originally known as Shardpur, was renamed to please the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan on his visit to this place. Some 8 km above Shahpur, the ancient rock temples at Mukteshwar are said to date back to the time of the Pandavas and folk tales talk about the visit of Arjuna and Draupadi.

The hotel lies alongside the Ranjit Sagar Dam, a part of a hydroelectric project constructed on the Ravi River. It is serene and idyllic, offering views of the Shivalik Hills. It is from here that the ascent to the hills start, giving it a unique scenic charm

The dam is named after Maharaja Ranjit Singh, popularly known as Sher-e-Punjab or “Lion of Punjab", who was the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. Acknowledged as a National Wetland, the dam took almost half a century to complete and is one of the highest earth-fill dams in India.

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